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Debt Relief Process

Debt Analyzation

First, we verify that your debt is eligible for relief. Then, our specialists work with you to develop a tailored solution for your circumstances.


Debt Consolidation

Our certified debt consultants leave no stone unturned. They leverage unique relationships and methods to consolidate or settle your debts and save you money.


Debt Relief

Consolidate your debt and save with one monthly payment. Elevate your financial profile and credit history for long-term benefits.


Avg time: ~2 minutes

Brighter Financial Health

Benefits of Brighter Financial Health

  • Provide financial security for yourself, family and loved ones.
  • Opportunity to begin saving for retirement
  • Reduce stress and reduce anxiety
  • Ability to invest in your personal life, like a home or your child’s tuition
Dad with child

We envision a future that's BRIGHTER

Our mission is to get you to a better financial position. That’s why we leverage our relationships and deploy advanced methods to create an individual debt payoff plan. We also offer various consolidation loan options through our lender network.

Our dedication to transparency is unmatched. Your highly-trained Certified Debt Specialist will serve as your point of contact. You will be provided access to a clear plan and pertinent information needed to reach a better financial position.

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Great experience. Very thankful that there are reliable and down to earth people and services left at this time when so many people and families need help managing their debt. Their care and attention to detail educate you while they do their job, which allows the benefit of choosing Brightside to last well after your time with them. Cheers.

Andrew G Local Guide

Brightside is by far the most easiest and reliable team I’ve come across. Made sure I understood everything and answered all my questions and concerns and I’ve been very happy since I’ve signed with them!

Rosa Chong

Going through this entire debt relief process has been something that I’ve been putting off for a long time. I got into this position because I was laid off during the pandemic and used my credit cards to survive. I’ve been breaking my back …

james henderson

The amount of debt I had scared me. It was mostly credit card debt and I had a large medical bill after I suffered an injury playing softball which was terrible since I could not work. These guys really took the time to understand my …

Jay Michelton

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