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Here at Brightside Debt Relief we believe in uncompromising quality, faster delivery and greater value for our clients. While we answer below to your most frequently asked questions, we welcome other queries.

1. What is the Brightside Debt Relief Program?

The Brightside Debt Relief Program offers debt expertise and negotiating power to help people that have crippling unsecured debt. collecting data through the survey, managing and analyzing the data, building inferential models, and finally preparing reports and presentations; In Data Science, we can manage an entire machine learning pipeline from collation of data to explorative data analysis to model deployment in your business intelligence system or the cloud. 

2. How can the Brightside Debt Relief Program help me?

The Brightside Debt Relief Program can help by reducing your total debt amount by negotiating with creditors, and by consolidating your debt into a single monthly payment.

3. How does Debt Relief affect my credit score?

At the beginning of the program, you can experience a decline in your credit rating due to a lack of payments to your creditors. As you progress through the program, your score should begin to improve and surpass where you started. Consultants also require time to engage in internal collaboration and review to ensure quality work incorporating multiple perspectives. Please discuss your timeline at the initial meeting and any time afterward if there is any observation.

4. What kind of debt can I get relief from?

Brightside Debt Relief can help pursue relief from unsecured credit card debt. This includes most credit card issuers and banks. Please consult with a Brightside agent to confirm whether we can help with your debt.

5. Is Debt Relief better than filing Bankruptcy?

It is widely known that there are negative effects to filing Chapter 13 and Chapter 7. Not only can your assets be seized, but your personal reputation suffers and is reflected by a low credit score long-term.

6. Is the Brightside Debt Relief Program for businesses?

Brightside Debt Relief only works with the unsecured credit card debt of consumers. While we do not work with businesses directly, we may be able to refer you to a program based on your business.

7. What is the cost of the Debt Relief Program?

Perhaps the best part about the Debt Relief Program is that there is no cost upfront. You only pay a fee after your debt is reduced. The fee averages 20% and is based on the debt size and the creditors involved.

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Client Success Stories

Great experience. Very thankful that there are reliable and down to earth people and services left at this time when so many people and families need help managing their debt. Their care and attention to detail educate you while they do their job, which allows the benefit of choosing Brightside to last well after your time with them. Cheers.

Andrew G Local Guide

Brightside is by far the most easiest and reliable team I’ve come across. Made sure I understood everything and answered all my questions and concerns and I’ve been very happy since I’ve signed with them!

Rosa Chong

Going through this entire debt relief process has been something that I’ve been putting off for a long time. I got into this position because I was laid off during the pandemic and used my credit cards to survive. I’ve been breaking my back …

james henderson

The amount of debt I had scared me. It was mostly credit card debt and I had a large medical bill after I suffered an injury playing softball which was terrible since I could not work. These guys really took the time to understand my …

Jay Michelton

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