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Our mission is simple: To help people save money, gain control of their finances, and move beyond debt. Check out our client success stories, in their own words:

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james henderson
james henderson
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"Going through this entire debt relief process has been something that I’ve been putting off for a long time. I got into this position because I was laid off during the pandemic and used my credit cards to survive."
Rosa Chong
Rosa Chong
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"Brightside is by far the easiest and most reliable team I’ve come across. Made sure I understood everything and answered all my questions and concerns and I’ve been very happy since I’ve signed with them!"
Hamza Haque
Hamza Haque
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"I’ve been working with Brightside for a few months now. They’ve went above and beyond and already have a few of my cards paid. They have a great team and i’m excited to be working with them!."
irum hasan
irum hasan
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"I had many reservations about debt relief before speaking to Brightside. They explained the program and had tons of patience with all my questions. Thank you so much and having the extra cash every month has made this summer so much easier. TY!"
Mubarak Shah
Mubarak Shah
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"Awesome group to work with, are always helpful and everything needed during a difficult time…I am a major fan of Brightside and refer all my clients there when possible due to their high level of communication and diligence."

Professional and Personalized Service

“I’m happy with the process. And even sometimes when a representative has to follow up and call me back, they always do that. If I get upset and animated on the phone, they never return that. And no matter who I get on the phone, they know my business…whatever notes they put in their computer system, no matter who I spoke to on the phone, I felt like I was getting personalized service. So I really liked that.”


Went into debt after breakup, California

Family-Friendly and Simple

“They are a company that helps people who make mistakes. Because in my experience, life happens, and a lot of people forget about that. Whether your tires go out, or something’s wrong with your car, or something breaks in the house. I’m a homeowner, so if something breaks, I’ve got to pay to fix it. There’s no landlord, you know? And I think Beyond is a very family friendly place that just helps people who make honest mistakes. And they help them with debt in a very simple and easy way.”


Single mom, Florida

This is Going to Work For Me

“They sat me down for [about] three hours, and explained to me…the ins and outs of the program, where my money goes to, what it goes into, what it goes for, when they start the negotiation process, how the negotiation process starts…So instead of me paying on these places for years upon years, I’m only paying on them for three years [or so] because of the settlement that was reached. [A]s soon as I got off the phone with him, I had a warm and fuzzy [feeling], like: this is going to work. This is going to help me with my goal…this is going to help me out in the long run, I just have to be patient.”


Army dad, Oklahoma

Heaven Sent

“I got a letter in the mail from Beyond Finance…I called and they seem to be able to talk to creditors about taking care of [my debts]. I wasn’t even looking, but when [the letter] came, I said ‘this is a good idea.’ It was like a letter from Heaven came…that’s the way I put it.”


Retiree with debt from Alabama

They’re in My Corner

I feel good about working with Brightside Debt Relief, I feel very good about them working in my corner.


Overwhelmed with child support, Florida

The Payments Are Manageable

“I really like the program because it was easy to get into and the monthly payments are things that I can manage and they’re going to get me out of my predicament in a lot less time that if I try to do it all by myself.”


Divorced mom from New York

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